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? for Omni, Transmeridian, and Miami Air

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George Zip

Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
Hello everyone - I would like to hear from any pilots from Transmeridian, Omni Air, and Miami Air regarding threats (from our own company) of you guys picking up our charter contracts if we go on strike (30 day cooling off is imminent).

I would like to get some intelligence on what is really going on. Please PM me if you'd like to talk off-line.


The Zipper
I don't know what company you work for, not that it matters, but as a furloughee from one of the aforementioned airlines, I can tell you that most of the pilots there wouldn't give a rat's @$$ as to who or what they are hauling, as long as its legal and safe. The company was founded by and is operated by former ... er...um... strike breakers. As for myself, having "walked the line in 89" I can tell you that when push comes to shove, most everyone is out there for themselves... "Hey, I've got bills to pay"... Don't rely on solidarity, especially from outsiders and especially in this dismal aviation environment!
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