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For all Dornier 328Typed rated folks.

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Still turning two
Nov 26, 2001
If your furloughed and are already typed in the Dornier, the HR at PSA said that they will hire you without asking you to give up your senority number. Just thought I would pass this along. You do however go on the bottom of our senority list. Hiring to resume the second week in January.

Source: J.F. HR
So what your saying is that anyone hired gets another senority number? That's pretty obvious. Let me refrase what I said earlier. PSA will not ask you to give up your senority number for whatever company you work for as long as your already typed in the Dork.
You guys lost me here alittle so just to make sure I understand, any pilots that are currently furloughed from another airline can come back with thier old employee # but will be at the bottom of the Sen. list. I hope thats what your saying cuz I was looking forward to hopefully holding a line soon.

2nd why would the company do this instead of finding new people that would be around for awhile and get their moneys' worth out of em.

just curious c-ya soon, fly safe!
Exactly. I would guess if you have any other questions contact the HR department at PSA. www.psaairlines.com.

The guy in charge of hiring told me this yesterday and thought it was pretty interesting.
I'm not sure what the advantage of having my old employee number would be. I would rather have my old seniority number. What is the upgrade time? When I left it was over two years. I sure miss the doorknob.
Hard to tell. It's been two years for awhile now, but with more airplanes coming, who know's.
Jet or Prop?

I am not sure if you guys fly the jet version, but my friend is furloughed with the jet type. Would he be considered. Thanks for the info.
So PSA's feds signed off on them being able to give new-hires only "recurrent" training???? This sure would be a deviation in policy for 121 carriers, would it not?

I'd imagine these new-hires still need to go through basic indoc, right?
That makes sense Jim. I didn't get that from the original post. It sounded like the post was targeted to any 328 typed person, not those previously employed by PSA.


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