For Airnet seekers....


We got "change" alright.
Nov 26, 2001
Total Time
Requirements and preferences beginning May 1st.

Commercial (CFI, CFII, MEI preferred)
ASEL, AMEL (not centerline thrust limited), Instrument
MUST be issued first class med., can downgrade to 2nd class
High School Diploma (college education preferred)

Minimum times to apply:
500 hrs. total
100 hrs. cross-country (can be less than 50nm)
25 hrs. night

Competitive flight times:
1000 hrs. total to interview/attend training
500 hrs. fixed wing
100 hrs. multi-engine
25 hrs. multi-last 6 months
25 hrs. instrument-last 6 months

I know many have applied with much more than this, and I don't know the magic word to get in other than keep current/flying.

Maybe this will help some though.

Good luck