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Food in Montreal

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Nov 25, 2001
I'll be there all day tomorrow. Any suggestions for good food with service that isn't rude?
Where are you staying?

We stay at the Holiday Inn Pointe Claire, and there's a restaurant out in back of the hotel called Brassarie La Manoir. The food is a little generic, but you can get a full meal, beer, and dessert for well under $10 with the exchange rate.

If you are there the whole day, take the subway into town. There are lots of things to do there.
Great Food!

My girlfriend lives up there and I'm there a lot! The food is great, so much so that I have to really work it off when I get back home. You can go into the old historic part of town, the "old port" which is right down on the St. Lawrence, and you'll find all kinds of nice restaurants in which to dine. Also, there are lots of street performers/artists there, too, as well as an Imax theatre.

The Italian part of town, "La Petite Itale" is great for that kind of food. Crescent St., Mont. Royale, and many others are superb. I'm sure you can find local information when you get there, too. Are you flying into Dorval, Mirabel, or St. Hubert? If St. Hubert, I'm not too familiar with the South Shore, but there's the southern terminus of the Metro (subway) right next to the Jaque-Cartier bridge, which'll get you to downtown.

If you're there for several meals, St. Hubert restaurants serve pretty good chicken, and La Belle Province (kinda cook-to-order fast food) has a great lunch menu. If you go there, definately get a Poutine! It's fries with sauce and cheese curds..I LOVE it!!

Smoke a Cuban, and have some Porto! Most of all, Have Fun!!
Airport Hilton

If you're flying into Dorval and staying at the Airport Hilton, the hotel restaurant is awesome! I haven't ever had the opportunity to get out and try anywhere else, but that would be my recommendation.

Went to college there for 4 years. Go to Shwartzes on Rue St Laurent, it's the best smoked meat in the world, it's world famous, was on 60 minutes, national geopraphic, etc. Made me a fat ass. Also, definetly get a poutine at La Belle Province. I know cheese curds sound nasty, but it's really more like chunks of cheese. Mondo Fritz on St. Laurent also makes a really good poutine, it's right next door to Schwartzes.
Horrible food - but great service...

you wouldn't want to miss it... and within staggering distance of the steak house and La Fluer's... (I can't spell that.)

The Pink House
Chez Frances CYUL

514 631 5232

11425 Côte-de-Liesse

By flight safety CYUL
I went into CYUL Dorval. It's a litttle smaller than PHL (ok, a lot smaller) and it's larger than RDG.

Since we had to get some sleep during this 19 hour trip to keep the duty time in check, we went down to the old section, and found the Hotel Nelligan. With the amenities there, it would cost over $200 a night in the US, but cost only about $60 with the exchange rate. Since I had been up since 2 AM, I fell asleep right away. About four blocks NW of the hotel was a large square with vendors (portrait artists, etc) and a resaurant with outdoor seats under an awning. We had some diner for about $95 Canadian ($35 American?). I asked for my filet mignon to be medium and the waitress nodded like she knew what I meant. The steak was almost raw, and the potatoes were under-done, too. The cheesecake was ok, but next time I'm making a printout and going to look for that poutine.

Note: there is an inordinate number of thin young women wandering around, making the place look like the Paris you see in movies. This is the opposite of my recent flight to Corpus Christi, when I thought I had walked into a sixty minutes report on obesity in America.

Thanks for the input. The old port was the way go go.
About 1 mile to the south end of the Cote' d Liesse roundabout there is an awesome Italian restaurant. Sorry, I can't remember the name. and if you have enough time, try a Molson Dry. :D

The Dorval Hilton restaurant is really good too.


P.S. Eating filet mignon cooked any more than medium rare is sacrilege
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Timebuilder said:
With the amenities there, it would cost over $200 a night in the US, but cost only about $60 with the exchange rate.

We had some diner for about $95 Canadian ($35 American?).

You'd better check your math before turning in your Expense Report... Currently $1.00 USD = $1.55 CDN

Your $200 hotel room was $129 USD and your $95 meal was $61.29 USD....

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