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Folks the Re-Education camp up in full swing... One Last Ditch Effort?

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Well-known member
Jun 29, 2006
Immense pressure from the JCAB negotiation is my summation...

September 16, 2010

Dear Fellow Pilot,

In an action that has to be placed at the top of the “What Could They Possibly Be Thinking” file, United Airlines is conducting “United Express Education Sessions” to, as it was stated in today’s NewsReal, “show the important role United Express plays in our business and for our customers.”

In an incredulous display of either ignorance or arrogance, the Company chose a time when management and pilots are deep in the middle of contract negotiations for a Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement as part of the United/Continental merger to tout United Express, an aspect of our company that has been an anathema to each and every pilot – those currently working and laid off – on this property.

According to the NewsReal, Cindy Szadokierski, United’s VP-Airport Operations Planning and Mary Movic, managing director of United Express, teamed up to serve as the company’s propaganda ministers to deliver management’s talking points regarding the so-called advantages United Express brings to the mainline operation. The NewsReal mentioned that United Express serves 181 cities in the United States and Canada and has 2,333 daily departures, and that “our largest international mainline flights rely heavily on United Express to fill those flights.” The NewsReal continues to say “42% of our customers on our London flights out of Chicago O’Hare are United Express connections customers.” Well of course they are. We no longer feed hubs with mainline aircraft due to the ill thought out decision to park the entire 737 fleet. How else would passengers connect in O’Hare? Statistics are a funny thing.

Szadokierski even went so far as to say, “There’s a good chance we would have less flights to some of our international locations if we didn’t have United Express.” This implies that United can’t do its own flying. One such attendee of the education sessions believes this Company propaganda, as the NewsReal quoted her as saying “Without (United Express), we wouldn’t be the strong carrier we are today.” Really? Did this employee bother to ask the Company why it believes United Express is the key component to keeping our international routes at their current levels? This is illogical given service levels and quality that do not begin to approximate that of the mainline. Did this employee ask any questions at all, or did she simply accept the Company propaganda as fact?

Did Szadokierski or Movic mention that United Airlines decided to park the entire 737 fleet – the fleet that has historically fed the international flights – in order to outsource that flying to United Express? Did the employee who was so impressed with the Company’s presentation bother to ask what happened to the jobs of the pilots who were flying the 737 feeder carriers? If that employee knew the answers to these questions, would she still believe United Express makes United the “strong carrier we are today?”

The Company’s education sessions on United Express not only are a slap to the face to each and every United pilot and employee, they serve as a grotesque misrepresentation of the facts concerning United Express. Perhaps Szadokierski and Movic should have invited some of the 1,437 pilots who were laid off thanks in large part to the Company’s continued outsourcing of its flying to United Express carriers to provide a different perspective to the “value” of United Express to the mainline operation. Perhaps Szadokierski and Movic should visit Concourse F at ORD – described as akin to a third world country or of an airport design of the 1950’s – more often and ask some of the United Express passengers whether they prefer doing their traveling on a cramped, uncomfortable 50/70 seat SJ or on a more roomy mainline aircraft

What is unclear is whether the Company plans on taking their “United Express Education Sessions” to the passengers of United Express. It would be interesting to know whether the following messages regarding customer options on United Express would be included in their lesson plans:

· The Company outsourcing flying to the lowest subcontracting fee-for-departure carrier whipsaws carriers, one against another, leading to inconsistent service to the passengers as each carrier’s service in a given city pair changes on a daily and even hourly basis..
· Aircraft that fly under the United Express banner are smaller so that passengers bump their heads and must crouch and turn sideways to walk down the aisle to get to their seat or to the one blue room in the rear. Obviously they provide far less comfort for the passengers.
· Passengers can forget about carry-on bags, and should budget their time to allow 15 to 20 minutes to get their bags. They should expect to stand in a cold or hot jetway for this period of time waiting for their carry-on to be delivered. This makes reaching connections even more interesting, especially when Express connections arrive at different terminals.
· Small jets were designed to serve outlying cities with less than a two-hour stage length, not for hub-to-hub or four-hour flights.

Another interesting question to pose to Szadokierski and Movic would be, “Does United CEO Glenn Tilton and Continental CEO Jeff Smisek hop on an Express carrier when flying between Chicago and Houston, or do they prefer to travel First Class on a mainline aircraft?”

And perhaps Szadokierski and Movic should explain to those attending United Express Education Sessions how a frequent UAL passenger discovered that the flight she thought she had booked with United was actually a subcontracted United Express carrier flight. This passenger, who contacted ALPA, was disturbed when she learned she would be traveling on an aircraft other than what she thought was a United airplane, flown by a United crew. This passenger emailed UAL customer service and received the following response:

Dear (name withheld):

The decision to use United Express service on some routes was meant to
allow United to operate efficiently and cost-effectively based on the
demand for our different routes. The pilots for United Express receive
the same thorough training through our Denver facility which is the top
training facility in the world. The military trains at our facility as
well. United Express pilots must follow the strict guidelines all our
pilots do such as the number of flying hours prior to being hired.

United and United Express are striving to provide you with the best
service in the industry with safety as our number one priority. We're
committed to meeting your expectations, and we hope you will give us a
future opportunity to restore your confidence and support. Your business
is important to us.


Cherie Stevens
United Airlines Customer Relations

Anybody notice United Express pilots wandering around the halls of TK lately? Seems Customer Relations doesn’t even know the facts, but they are convinced that this is a good thing. What Ms. Stevens failed to mention in her letter to the passenger is that United Airlines, when booking an unwitting passenger on a United Express flight, is misleading the very loyal and trusting customers who expect to be flown to their destinations by an industry-leading professional crew flown by United pilots on a United mainline aircraft.

Going by today’s NewsReal, it is apparent that United management does not understand the importance of scope in the current Joint Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations. The pilots of United and Continental certainly do. I encourage your professional feedback consistent with the ALPA Code of Ethics to the points raised in the SkyNet article. This is accomplished by clicking on the link “Post a Comment” at the bottom of the article. Please refer to the “Guidelines” link also located at the bottom of the SkyNet article before submitting your comment. The Company can waste their time conducting such United Express Education Sessions, but they must understand: Scope is an unwavering issue to the pilots. The sooner management understands that fact, the sooner the Company will realize the advertised synergies from the United/Continental merger.


United MEC
How much lower will they go?

"The pilots for United Express receive the same thorough training through our Denver facility which is the top training facility in the world. The military trains at our facility as well."
I would have enjoyed this meeting with my family. They could have explained to the sh!t heads what has happened since express has become such a vital part of UAL. The battle has begun........... %*!# express.
ahh yes. top notch!

August 12, 1962 - A United Airlines DC-8, bound for Portland, Oregon, mistakenly lands at Troutdale. See "Jet Lands on Short Runway at Wrong Oregon Airport," New York Times, August 13, 1962.

June 10, 1973 - A United Airlines 727, bound for Miami, mistakenly lands at Opa Locka.

December 21, 1994 - A United Airlines 757, bound for San Juan, Puerto Rico, mistakenly lands at Fernando Ribas Dominicci Airport (a/k/a Isla Grande Airport). Link. See also "FAA Investigating Landing of United 757 at Wrong Airport," Aviation Daily, December 24, 1994.

just kidding!

All you United guys (esp. furloughees) need to get on skynet and post a comment to that article - this should be interesting.
We can do that?

I guess not - I looked again and didn't see my comments posted. Wouldn't be too good for the propaganda machine to hear too many folks elaborating on what outsourcing to UAX has done for their careers. Besides, if they don't care what our passengers think - why would they care what we think?

The sooner this pathetic regime is gone the better.
I guess not - I looked again and didn't see my comments posted. Wouldn't be too good for the propaganda machine to hear too many folks elaborating on what outsourcing to UAX has done for their careers. Besides, if they don't care what our passengers think - why would they care what we think?

The sooner this pathetic regime is gone the better.

Careful what you wish for. Jeff is a Lorenzo wantabe.

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