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FOI Written

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LewisU_Pilot said:
Sweet.. 90 bucks to answer 50 questions! Now I really feel like I'm getting my money's worth.

Hehe, wait until you compare flying paychecks to training debt..... if your 'Returns-on-Investment Master Warning' light didn't go up until the FOI I'm afraid you're behind the power curve...or the ideal regional FO applicant? LOL

Just poking fun at ya man, no hard feelings. Don't sweat the FOI, I think you'll be fine :D
Easiest test you'll take. 50 questions that you'll have no problem with.

Good luck with the rest of the CFI prep!

It's probably going to be a big part of the oral. Know the laws of learning, why they forget, etc.

Should be easy, but know it cold.

Through everything you know about the FOI test out the window and study FAA-h-8083-9A. They just added questions that no one has, ASA or Gleim. I study both and took the test. Failed it! Half the questions I have never seen before. If you study just the known questions you will fail. study the book!! Im a 10yr Captain with an airline and just wanted to pick up my CFI to teach my kids. I've never failed an FAA written test EVER!. this test was a blind side. from what i can tell the questions were added some time in April. The FAA didn't tell anybody! Good old FAA, there just here to help. I hate them all!!!

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