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FO-FX Representation: Building a Career Destination


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Nov 30, 2015
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Safely and effectively managing flight operations both inside and outside the cockpit requires that we make a multitude of decisions throughout the duty day. Some decisions come easily because of professional experience and/or repetition, while others require more consideration. Managing our careers is really no different: We make a multitude of decisions intended to protect and enhance our professional and economic interests. Currently, the Flight Options and Flexjet pilot groups are being asked to participate in a Union representation election, and their decision is one that will very likely have implications for decades to come.

By casting a vote in favor of representation, our fractional pilot peers are making one of the best decisions possible for protecting and enhancing their careers and bolstering one of the most dynamic and unique segments of the aviation industry.

NJASAP, the union representing the NetJets pilots, has developed a resource intended to provide food for thought as our Flight Options and Flexjet peers assess the value of professional labor representation, and what it means for them and their careers.

  • Building a Career Destination | Click Here
  • A Letter from NJASAP President Pedro Leroux | Click Here

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