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Flying the Line

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Nov 26, 2001
Just wondering if a second edition or update to the book is available and, if so, where to find it. If not, can anyone suggest any similar reading materials.

Thanks in advance for all responses.
Flying the Line Volume II

The full title Flying the Line Volume II: The Line Pilot in Crisis: ALPA Battles Airline Deregulation And Other Forces has already been published. George Hopkins wrote this volume as well. My copy came in the mail from ALPA. Not sure where one can purchase it, but the International Standard Book Number is: 0-9609708-3-5 and the Library of Congress Catalog Card Number is: 82-73051. Hope that helps. Cheers.
Thank you, sir. That indeed helps, especially the ISBN number. Just wondering if a non-ALPA person can purchase it from ALPA.

PS-I found it on Amazon.com.
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