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Nov 25, 2001
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anyone know how the standby priority systems works with Delta ? I usually commute S3, but lately getting out of Atlanta to anywhere has been almost impossible unless I get the jump seat. 47 standbys last thursday to Baltimore, luckily i got the jumpseat. any hints or tips ? g

Nov 28, 2001
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To Muc
You ask kind of an odd question.
If you truly work for Delta or it's subsidiaries, you should know how it works and what your benefits are. You have higher priority options available.
As far as how the priorities work, you would know the standby priority for non-rev employees.
Don't forget that the lowest priority revenue standbys bump even the highest priority non-revs. That means that if Billy Bob decides he wants to take the earlier flight to the huntin' expo in Baltimore, he goes standby and bumps you.

What's been so hard in ATL lately? There was weather last Wed, but it hasn't seemed much worse than normal lately other than that.

And if you do really work for Delta, than don't let my comments offend you. It's just that I've seen several cases of customers (Medallions) comming on pilot sites trying to learn our standby system. Seems they find it unfair that they have to burn an upgrade to sit in First, but us lowly employees "get" to sit there free.