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Flying in India

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Jun 15, 2007
I was recently contacted by a peer now flying in India about flying a King Air 200. The details are still sketchy and the time difference doesn't help.

What is the process for FAA ATP flying in India? Do you have to convert your FAA license before you go?


If it is an Indian registered aircraft you will need several documents. The first is a work Visa. You will have to provide a contract for employment and a few other documents. You will then need to get a FATA from the Indian DGCA (Directorate General Civil Aviation, their FAA) This will reqire that you show your log books and prove that you have time in the aircraft. You will also need an oral. This can be one or two questions, or a ball breaker depending on who does it, how much time they have and if any bribe money changed hands. Finally you will need to register as an alien with the local police department. (Think the movie Casablanca).

It can be fun to work in India, but it sure as hell can be frustrating. For more info try www.pprune.com . There are more expats there to give you info.

flying in India

If the company is strong enough, wants you bad enough, they will pull the strings to get the visa and you have probably up to 60 days or more before you have to take the fata test, once yiou have the sit down with the DGCA in New Delhi , and they gave your company the blessing, you can start flying. I flew with a fellow pilot who failed the fata, just had to take it again, kept flying. India is a trip, cheap to live, nice place to visit if you know what I mean. Boil the water what ever you do.
Hey X man, .......how about taxes, do they tax your paycheck like here in the US, do you know how much is the %?................ how hard is that test and what is it about?
You should not have to pay any Indian taxes, make sure that is spelled out in your contract, then it is a matter of where you want to transfer the money. If it is the US, perhaps a couple of back accounts , and transfer less that 10 grand at a shot. Or walk some of your hard earned money in when you return. The Indians do not report to anyone outside of India what you make.

The Fata test is not hard, but you do have to study for it. There are some test and answer study tests floating around, you will need to study the Indian regulations on duty time, disease's and quarantine issues, no fly areas, etc. I was given a bunch of old test questions with the answers, and they change the 60 question test so those questions get recycled back into the new test. Probably up to 50 % of the actual test questions were on the test copy I received.

Good Luck
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