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Flying around New Orleans

Dr Pokenhiemer

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Oct 19, 2004
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I've been flying a FEMA photo mission for the past few days over New Orleans. Just a note for the folks heading this way--Most ground radar is still out. There is an AWACS plane on Freq. 134.9. If you are going to be flying VFR, you have to contact them for a beacon code in order to penetrate the 5,000 TFR.

Phone lines are still down and so are a lot of radio tranmitters. New Orleans Approach has no communication with some of the control towers. You can't be cleared for an instrument approach because the tower has no way of knowing you are coming. All departures are VFR because of the same reason. Lots of helo traffic down low. The circuits used for 800 phone numbers are down. I haven't been able to file a flight plan at all this week--even calling on my cell phone which automatically dials back to Raleigh, NC. I have a local number for N.O. Approach and let them know what I'm doing prior to each flight so they will be looking for me.

Both AVGAS and JET-A are hard to find in some areas. I'm flying out of HUM (Houma), and what I've stated above is based on that--could be different elsewhere. I should be there another couple of weeks so if I can help or answer any questions--feel free to ask. Oh--closest hotel rooms are in Dothan, Al.