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Jan 15, 2003
I saw this on the "regional" thread by zkmayo, and thought it deserved more attention. Recently, many FlyI pilots decided to attend a recent AirInc. job fair (don't get side tracked by that discussion) in hopes of protecting their career prospects. I have the utmost respect for these professionals, and wish them the best during an obviously difficult time for their company. What they got was a recording from their senior "management" that defies explanation. It is a case study on how not to motivate an employee group, and the most ridiculous management address I've heard in my 25 year aviation career. I'm glad I don't work for this guy.

Absent the "right or wrong" prose of their failed business model, these guys and gals deserve much better than what they've received. They certainly have my support.


800-824-2572 (ALPA response)
Everyone should listen to the MEC's response. 800-TAG-ALPA.

At least the ALPA response sounded like it was coming from a man, and had actually been scripted or at least well thought out before delivery. The mgt message sounded like it was coming from a 6th grade playground sissy who just got his hair pulled.
skykid said:
The mgt message sounded like it was coming from a 6th grade playground sissy who just got his hair pulled.

Yep, that about sums up the speaker to a T. Lets hope that if Flyi must go out of business, TM doesnt find another airline mgmt job. I really feel for all the guys there.
Thanks for your support dlredline.

The CEO hotline message has me scratching my head, as time off for the AIRINC job fair was officially sanctioned by the chief pilot thru the senior VP of ops & maint. Perhaps too many pilots wisely took up the company's offer of time off and this upset the big cheese (duh).

Flying RJs in a low fare model with fuel out of sight and fighting UAL while they are hiding behind the judge's skirt ain't working (duh again).

If you are at Indy and not in the bus it is time to move on. It is probably time for us bus drivers to move on as well, but I still have faith in that part of the plan. Too bad a bus only plan will not include about 75% of the pilot group.

All in all a class act from the CP and the VP of ops. I would love to be a fly on the wall in an upper mgmt meeting this week, would have been interesting to say the least.
Thanks for the support everyone.

Yes, our upper management has not made many good decisions.

Now can anyone help out with a job? Lots of resumes out, no calls yet. Trying to get into a heavy lift cargo outfit and of course AAI, JBLU, SWA etc. Thanks :)
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Senior managments M.O from the beginning. It is everyone elses fault. Part of the reason (of many) why Indy will fail......

Taking ownership isn't something they do well.... In addition with golden parachutes packed, this senior managment team is really indifferent to the success.

Of course thier job is to rah rah like cheerleaders. It is thier duty to the shareholders. But that doesn't mean they actually believe it....

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