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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001

I tried to send you a PM, but when I did a search for you, it couldn't find you???

Anyway, I got an e-mail message that said I recieved a PM from you. Unfortunately, my in-box was full and did not accept your message. I cleaned it out and you should be able to re-send it now. Sorry about that!

The Illini Tribe

Hey Guys,
Looks like we have a crowd of Illini Grads or Soon to be Grads On the Board now. Illini, I sent that PM again. FlyChicaga, I will give you a couple of guesses on who I am, but I am sure you will find me in PT.

Re: The Illini Tribe

Add one more Illini, class of '91. No Institute though; I got my private at FlightStar.
Glad to see there are quite a few UofI grads and current students on this board!

Have any of you grads gotten a chance to see the new fleet? Pretty sharp! I spent most of my time in the good'ole Sundowners and Sports. I was lucky enough to fly one of the first new Archers when we first got them before I graduated. Man, did I love that new airplane smell!

I actually came across the very plane that I soloed in two years after the Institute got rid of it in the deal to get the new Archers. It went from CMI, to Piper in Florida, to a mechanic up north, to it's current owner in Minnesota. He then flew down to DPA to take some lessons at American Flyers where I happend to be instructing! It was awesome to be back in the seat of that airplane... just as I remembered it! That's when I realized that things had come full circle for me. Just a few short years ago I was sitting in that left seat learing how to land, and now I was the one giving instruction from the right seat. Very cool!

Go Illini!
Hello all Fighting Illini,

Another Illini here, I am currently at full-timer, and graduated in May 2001

Fly safe,
hope to see you all at the airlines soon!!!!!!!!!

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