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OK, lets hear it.
How many of ya's out there have proudly bolted the "FLY" license plate on the car?
Cult or cool? ;)

Be Honest. :D
Actually, I believe that's one of the "dorky" things the thread in the YGBSM forum refers to. It is, kinda.

I have a little skydiver bumpersticker, however, and firefighter license plates.

Coolest of all is a set of stickers I just got from the state, which go on the front and rear windows. If my car is seen driving between 0100 and 0500, it gets pulled over and treated as a stolen vehicle. It's part of a program in which an officer seeing the stickers during those hours will pull over the car automatically, with my signed consent.

Now that I'm living at the airport, and there are generally no good neighborhoods near airports (this being no exception), having a little extra for the vehicle isn't a bad thing. I'm only left with the conundrum that if someone wants this vehicle, they must be pretty desperate, and probably need it much more than I.
Well most of my friends have the fly plate on the front plate put in upside down. Alsa though I'm not giving in. But I do have my Riddle, EAA, and IAC stickers on the back of my car. I might add SSA once of these days, probally will bump off the EAA sticker for that.

Edited: Doh I wrote ass instead of add. Oh well.
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Mine is:

Its not a car its a vintage volkswagen

I like cars you have to preflight.
Haha...well, can't say after a good flight I don't look at the ol "fly" plate on the wall for sale and think..eh.....but my friends just say "don't be...that guy.

For now its the Jacksonville University and the AOPA wings on the back window. Just another face in the crowd :)

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The furthest I got was putting the new AOPA flag logo on my back window... it's a pretty cool sticker though.
I have to laugh.....I bought "it" years ago. Thought it was so cool. Never put it on my car though. I think it's heat-warped in the trunk still.

That "FLY" tag is as sad as seeing peolpe in employee parking with their airline tag on the front of their car. Guess what? Nobody gives a sh!t. It's like having "I'M A D!CK" on the front of your car.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but the people who had the "FLY" tag when I was aflight school are still there now! SAD
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not guilty, but barely

I saw this magical item, and I almost purchased it. Fortunately, a wise non-pilot friend came to my aid and convinced me of the error of my ways. I was temporarily saved.

Alas, not three weeks later, I happened upon a sticker bearing the likeness of a flying creature. This sticker read "Kiss a Pilot and Enjoy the Difference". Small, round, and mostly blue, I thought it a nice complement to my white Saturn and placed in on the back window with pride.

Once again, my all-knowing non-pilot friend spoke to me, but he was far too late. He told me that I was now what is known as a "dorky pilot", and that I would be ridiculed on the California roadways for my transgression. But the sticker stayed, because I am not only a PROUD dorky pilot, but a STUBBORN proud dorky pilot (and because the sticker's saying happens to be true, but we won't speak of such things- too off topic, right?).

*chuckling at my own stupidity*
Oh, come on, Stephanie. Speak of such things. I wanna know the difference (what have I been missing all these years?).

Enquiring minds wanna know!!


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