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Flx 702

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Boris Badenov

Well-known member
Oct 4, 2004
FLX 702 today over maples. Thanks for all the help American and Delta. I finally got in to Springfield. I wanted an exciting job and we all know that more tears have been spilt of wishes that were granted than those that were refused. ;)
Can you tell us what happened? I used to do FLX 701.
Deviated for weather, lost comms with KC, tried the frequencies I could find, but I was getting bounced around a lot as in having trouble holding the charts, so I went up on guard where a bunch of guys helped me get a frequency. Missed a VOR in to SGF, did the ILS to mins and landed with a 30 knot crosswind. Good morning!
after about 2 months on the same run you'll be hoping for something like this so you can stay awake!
does springfield still have the cop car for a courtesy car? always fun scaring a few people on the way to the bass pro shop.

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