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flt Options Schedule

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8 on 7 off for schedule with the new combined Ft Ops, LLC. Pay depends on aircraft you start in - light jet is $32K I believe to start.
At EJA, they pay you Captian's pay if someone junior to you upgrades prior to you --- does Options do the same?

How long os upgrade currently running?

Will RTA be operated as a seperate entity?
NO, but starting FO pay is about the same as cap. pay at EJ.

Now at Flight Options 1-1.5 years. Who knows with the TA merger.

No RTA will not be operated as a seperate entity. They will all be getting the Options uniform, planes will be changing color. And everything will be ran out of Cleveland.
i hope for a better future for you company, but it looks like bye bye to you guys in the future. Sorry but dot commers have no money and your ownership is gone. we will hire 850 this year and I want you all here as this the best place in avaition to work< and I know being a former comair guy, making a raise in my first year pay compared to my 5 year captain pay at comair.
Rufus, are you saying fractional are going to be gone?
I don't think so. Flying on the airlines is such a turnoff to
so many people lately, (including my self)that we are here to stay!

Just kiddin Rufas! All in fun!
Please don't take my note personal cause that-- it was not meant to be.
Just couldn't resist the rhyme!

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