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Jan 7, 2002
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Hey guys, I tried to post this thread last night but I guess it never got posted so I'll try again:

Well, this goes to everybody: First off, just wanted to say thanks to everybody. Thanks to BluDevAv8R who gave me this web site, I have been here reading and absorbing a lot of information. I also post quite a few questions up here and everybody has been very helpful.

If any of you have ever gone to FSU and done the AFROTC program, you might be able to help me out a little better. Anyway, I am getting ready to send in my undergraduate admissions application for a transfer student - trying to get in for next fall. I have tried to talk to the ROTC recruiter a few times to ask a few questions and all he can say is "well, we have a web page." I've gone there and all it shows are some pictures. I basically just want to know the steps in ROTC through like, my sophomore year, junior year, and senior year of college. What you do and stuff. Also, I asked the recruiter how the pilot selection for UPT goes, all he can say is "everybody that wants a spot gets one." I kind of find that hard to believe - maybe he just is b.s.'ing me so I would join. If somebody could just give me a little overview of what to expect I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks Again!!!