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Florida job for DC-3 guys here ....(not cargo)

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Hmm,. would that be a smart a$$ comment or ...? This was courteous post for all those DC-3 drivers that aren’t a freight dog extradoinaire and would like a nice cushy (stable) state job with good benefits, retirement and time off to poke the old lady. I guess I won't try to help a fellow pilot out next time I find a job posting.
First of....anyone with "Rectum Non Bustus" (don't bust my a$$) in his profile is asking for a good kicking once and awhile. I'm just obliging.
Second....he only quoted a specific portion of my post. The pay. He's pointing out the pay is so far beneath him.

A legit question would be, has anybody worked here?, what is the maintenance like, how’s the QOL? This site does piss in my wheaties though (love that comment BTW). Especially when you post a job for the boys and the first guy points out how $hitty he thinks it is. Typical.

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