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Florida cargo companies hiring?

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Well-known member
Dec 7, 2001
Hey everyone!! I have a good friend who is looking for a descent cargo company in the Orlando, Florida area that are hiring and what their mins are? He has 1000TT and 150ME (mostly PA 44)Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time and help.
He doesn't meet part 135 min qualifications yet, which means 1200 hrs TT with certain criteria, the last time I checked. You can look it up in the FARs. As far as cargo out of the Orlando area, the only one I know of is Flight Express which flys out of Orlando Executive airport. That would be a good starting place. Good luck.

Hey man, I live in Panama City, Fl and my old flight instructor used to fly for Flight Express (they are based in Orlando.) Legally they can hire people to fly VFR 135 and those requirements are like 500TT, 100 cross country, 50 night or something like that; obviously a lot less strigent than the IFR requirements: something like 1200TT, 500 cross country, 100 instrument or close to there anyway.

Since he is so close to the IFR requirements, he could possibly get on flying VFR for those 200 hours and then go fly uder 135 IFR. But, honestly I don't think he could get on because of all the other airline pilots trying to get with them since they were furloughed. I new some people that worked for ACI and when they went back to try and get their job back, the answer was "no" because they simply didn't need the pilots.

All in all, I wouldn't think it could be a bad thing to send in a resume and maybe call the Chief Pilot over there at Flight Express. Who knows man.

Hope I helped!

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