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Nov 29, 2003
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1) i already made a search but can't find if fll is one of flops base. i checked on the website but did not see fll as a base.
however, i can see a beech 400 at FLL quite often and was wondering if it would be a flops jet.

2) can somebody go briefly go over the flex schedule

3) The web site lists :pilots will be required to domicile at ATL, BNA, BWI, DFW, EWR, IND, MCI, MIA, MCO, ORD, PHX, STL and will work a flex schedule.
Do you have a choice on the base?
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Mar 30, 2002
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1. No FLL is not a base MIA is the closest now.

You can only use MIA if you are hired into MIA, The last hiring was for ATL and DAL I think the next is for SFO. That means that you will have to move to within 1 hour drive of SFO even if you now live at a base such as ATL, CLE, DEN or MIA.
When you are hired you have no chance after that of changeing bases since there is no union there to put that in the contract. So you can for now plan on that as your base until further notice.

2. Flex is where they call you in and work you when they need you, most likely you will be working every weekend and every holiday. You will be able to request days off for vacation but that is on senority and there are guys with 6 years or more getting denied vacations all of the time I am over 5 years and have been denied Christmas and Thanksgiving 3 years in a row. maybe when I have 8 or more years in I might get a day or two off on a holiday, so for a new guy don't count on it for atleast 8 years or more. (It might be sooner since I am planning on leaving)

3. No.
The way it is now, where you are hired into that is where you stay your whole career on the flex. It was a lot better 4 years ago but lately it has been going down hill.

If you join welcome and send in your union card to ASAP then you might get a chance to change bases until then you have to put up with what they give you.

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Nov 28, 2002
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Good luck trying to live within a 200 mile radius of SFO on Beechjet FO pay.... You would be spending your days off at your second job.


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Sep 9, 2002
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but alas...

we're not allowed to have a second job, well not a flying one anyway. Good luck getting Lowes to work around your "flex" schedule.