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FLL commuting

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New member
Jan 10, 2002
I'm going to be commuting from a city in the midwest without many non-stops into FLL. What's the best gateway city to go through in order to get to Fort Lauderdale with respect to loads and flight availability? I was looking at ATL and MCO as two possible choices.
I commuted from Texas to FLL last year, and I found that there is no best hub to use for FLL. If you haven't yet, consider this: don't think of your commute as a commute to FLL, think of it as a commute to south Florida. I ended up at MIA, and PBI on numerous occasions. MIA to FLL is a $24 ride on the super shuttle. If you happen to get in early enough in the evening, you can ride the Tri-Rail train between all three airports for around $5. I was limited out of TX, but if I was coming from the midwest, I would probably use the hub that had the most flights into Florida in general. It's only a four hour drive to FLL from MCO, and slightly more from TPA. Also, it's just over two hours from RSW. As much as I hate ATL, I would guess that there are probably eight flights an hour into southern FL from Atlanta, and AirTran is a real good airline to jumpseat on.
Good Luck.
MDW isn't too bad a place to try from if that's not totally out of your way. I just got back from a PC in FLL yesterday, and both ATA and Southwest have two flights a day to and from there. Throw in ORD and you probably have another six to eight shots at it (many more if you count MIA) on United, American, and Spirit.

Airtran baby!!

The people are great and they always make an effort to get me on a flight outa FLL.

I jump back home on 'em every two weeks out of FLL.

by the way, I'm also an off line jumper.

Good Luck!!

Enigma- Thanks for the info Bro. That's a great idea about the Super Shuttle from MIA to FLL. Airtran has 8 flights a day from ATL to FLL and I believe they take unlimited jumpseaters, so I'll probably shoot for them.
Airtran is going to have a 737-800 on the ATL-FLL for Feb. and March with 174 seats, there should be plenty of room for jumpseaters and passriders. For you jumpseaters, if I am captain, you'll welcome you hear.( I am sure all the other guys will be the same)
Have a backup plan...there are ALOT of pilots for Delta and SW that live in FLL and commute to MCO. Good luck.

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