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Flipping Fuel Truck (PHL)

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001

Is this easy to do?

This is the 4th time (once in DCA and 3 times in PHL now within the past 10 years) I've seen a fuel truck flipped. The First time was back in 1999, the "crack ramp" days at PHL (pre F terminal). The truck flipped about 50ft from where I was doing a walk around on a Dash.

The Second was after 911 (DC sniper days) in DCA, the truck flipped behind the Dash (trailer park ramp) I was in. A bus had just dropped a load of pax and there was a line of pax on the ramp waiting to go up the stairs. We hear this loud crash the FA screams and as we exit the plane to see whats going on I see this fueler exit the truck (it was on its roof) and crush the all time 1/4 mile sprint record outtta sight.

The 3rd time (in PHL around 2005) at F terminal I was boarding to dead head on a CRJ by the end 30 something gates. As I put my bag in the minijetbridge porch (to be taken to the hold) I see a fuel truck in a high speed turn and ever so slowly tip up on 2 wheels. It was like a scene from Dukes of Hazard because the truck continued for maybe 100ft on 2 wheels before it tipped and slid a few more feet towards the grass between the ramp and the rwy 35 parallel taxi way.

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