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FlightSafety in Wichita

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Air 1

Well-known member
Mar 31, 2005
I'm headed to Wichita in a few weeks to attend an initial maintenance course on the Citation/CJ1/CJ2 (525/525A). I've never been to any kind of factory school, and was just wondering what to expect.

Systems reviews, almost right out of the book with very little input beyond what you can read for yourself. This seems somewhat wasteful, considering the money spent, but institutions such as FSI don't allow instructors, no matter how expeirenced, to add to or contribute to the existing publications, and the pubs are taken directly from the manufacturer data. There's not much difference between the mx books and the flight pubs, either.
Flight Safety in Wichita

If you get a new instructor that has never worked on the CJs or lots of foreigners in the class (especially with interpreters) or an EASA course (I avoid those) then I would agree with avbug.

My personal experience with most of the Flight Safety classes I've attended have been very good to excellent. If you have been working the CJ already and are some what familiar already you will definitely get more out of the class. The bigger the class the better chance you can gain knowledge from the experiences of the others too. Don't be afraid to ask questions and bring up issues you've seen or heard of already. Most of the instructors I've had will gladly go into whatever issues are brought up and give some good troubleshooting ideas (technics) as well as show the logic of the cause. I've had small classes too where the instructor let us deviate from his curriculum and go deep into theory and T/S a list of intermitent problems we through at him. But that was an Update course.

You will get more out of the course if you are an active participant and not just sit back and listen. I try to take good notes with references so my notes mean something when I look at them 6 months later. There's usually a wealth of information available, its up to you to recognize what will help you and capture it. If you put the effort into it you'll definitely get a good experience out of it.

I'll be attending my 12th and 13th FSI courses in the next couple of months myself and I can always make the class worth the cost.

Enjoy the experience! Lots of good resturants, hopefully you have a car.

I attended FSI on a mx course once with the oldest and most experienced mx instructor in the entire FSI organization. He rattled over the slides of electronics so fast that most of us were barely able to keep up, became upset when asked a question, read from the textbook, and offered zero insight into any subject or system, and didn't deviate one iota. We were his last class, as his replacement was auditing the class with us.

I've found sim instructors at FSI, Simuflite, etc, to be helpful...but the classroom time typically hasn't been worth much to me. For mx courses where there's little or no sim time, that only leaves class. Personally, I see paying someone to read a book to me wasteful, particularly at the prices charged for story time.

My favorite responses to questions have come from FSI, where I'm really sick to death of hearing the overuse of "It's PFM!" when asked regarding a system or component. Pure magic. What an intelligent, well thought out response. And well worth the forteen, thirty, or forty five thousand dollars...

I guess it's a good thing the old guy retired! $45k?? What maintenance class were you in? You can do the entire Master Tech program for less than that, I did.
Air 1, don't worry, I'm positive you won't have the experience avbug had.

Thanks for all the input! I'm not paying for this course as it was a scholarship I applied for and got, so my only expense will be hotel and meals. I'll be driving out there, so maybe I can hit up some of the spots around town, if there is any. :eek:

Thanks again guys!
$45k?? What maintenance class were you in? You can do the entire Master Tech program for less than that, I did.

Forty five grand wasn't for a maintenance course...but for a pilot course. Never the less, mx courses aren't cheap, not by a long shot.

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