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Flights to/from Port-Au-Prince

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Major Member
Nov 13, 2002
How do I find info on flying to/from Port-Au-Prince? I have been asked by a humanitarian group to arrange for flights from MIA in and out of Port-Au-Prince. I've done plenty of flying across the pond, in Canada and the Caribbean, but never that far south. How do I get info on the trip? Your help is greatly appreciated.

Shy, I wouldn't want to take a turbojet of any sort in there until things are straightened out with regard to what is left of the runways.

If you are in a turboprop or piston machine you're probably okay for the runways. The thieves will be out in full force. Make sure that you have all of your paperwork in order and fuel through if you can.

If I had the resources I'd be flying bottles of water in with an Aztec already...there has to be somewhere within a few hundred miles I could do that from!

If you go be really careful, fuel through as you likely won't be able to get any gas-even if you have to file to some closer spot than your base-and if people want cash for ground handling tell them you don't need their services. Best if you file the outbound flight plan before you arrive!

In third world countries under the best of situations there is much graft and corruption. There will be people-looters essentially-trying to scam anything they can...don't need any services, make sure you have a contact name of the charity you are dealing with before you release any cargo and especially don't give anyone cash unless it's someone with a badge and a gun and they are about to cuff you!

Good luck man...
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The runways have been checked and are in good shape. there were 2 767-300's in there yesterday, a couple of c-17's, C-130's, etc. It was so congested at one point that some airplanes had to hold for awhile before landing. Communications are plane to plane and there is one portable radio on the ground in use by the US Military. The tower is closed. The airport is under control of the US military and UN. It is probably the safest place right now as there is a lock down in place. No power yet which is delaying fueling, there is fuel but no power to pump it. Make sure you tanker gas. Water is the main "currency" down there. Money right now is of little to no value.

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