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Active member
Dec 8, 2001
Can anybody tell me if FlightOptions has gateway cities or does everything originate from Cleveland? If no gateway cities, do you have to relocate to Cleveland or are there any options that allow you to commute?

Also, does FlightOptions require training contracts like EJA?



Hey has the scheduled changed at all at Options,with the buyout of RTA? Either for the RTA guys or Options.
Two schedule options (Backflip)

Flight Options has two schedule options available to crewmembers.

You can work an 8 on and 7 off schedule, or work an optional 9 on and 6 off schedule.

You have the option of changing schedules or domiciles every two months. If you don't like the schedule you are on, switch to the other. If you don't like Minnesota in the winter, move to Florida for a few months.

Hope this helps.
$400 travel expenses/month

Something I'm in question about optional domiciles at flight options....

If you choose to domicile somewhere other than Cleveland, there is no doubt the company is responsible for flying you to and from your domicile at the beginning and end of your tour.

If you choose to domicile in Cleveland you get $400 in travel expense per month. Now, a hypothetical- let's say you live in Dallas. At the end of your tour the airplane ends up in Boston. Neither Boston nor Dallas is your domicile but since Cleveland will most likely cost less for flight options in airline expenses for you, will they just get you to Cleveland or will they airline you to Dallas since the airplane ended up "somewhere other than your domicile"?

Also, I think Flight Option has jumpseat agreements with ATA and AirTran... is this right?

First of all you can pick any airport, They relaxed their rule of 3 airlines 6 flights a day since the RTA merger since RTA allowed you to live anywhere as long as the airport had at least 3 flights per day, that still stands, I commute from an airport served by only 1 airline but it has 6 flights per day to ATL only

If you say live in DAL and make CLE your Domicile, you only have to get to CLE if your rotation starts there, you are on your own , but remember, you have to be in CLE by 0300 local the night before your rotation starts, while if you claim DAL as your domicile, then they airline you on day 1 of day 8, you would loose one day if you had to commute to CLE on your own, but they will put you up in a hotel, you just have to get to CLE, and you get $400 tax free dollars per month, now if you end up in CLE on your last day the same thing go's you have to find your own way home, but in your example, if you ended up in BOS, they are responsible for getting you home to Dallas, even if you ended up in Akron or some other place close by, they still have the responsibility to get you home, the only time you have to get home on your own is if you end up in Cleveland.
Thanks a lot!

That seems pretty pilot friendly.... sounds good! Thanks for the clearing it up.

Schedule has changed for ex-RTA pilots. (6 ON-4 OFF to 8 ON-7OFF).

ukipilot-I was of the understanding that all RTA pilots had their pre-merger, podunk domiciles grandfathered in. All the new hires had to comply with the 3 airline/6 flights rule.


I was under the same impression. I know one guy hired, lives out in BFE, his home airport is served by two airlines, four flights per day, and they told him it wouldn't work. The former RTA guys are grandfathered in and will be allowed to remain at their pre-merger airport.

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