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FlightOptions Question

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Active member
Dec 19, 2001
FlightOptions website is still advertising that they are seeking SIC's for the Citation III. Anyone know if this is still the case, or have they just been slow to update the site?

Thanks in advance
I have a friend who is at FSI for the Hawker for Flight Options right now, and he said they just told him they'll be doing quite a bit of hiring shortly.
Thanks for the reply. Based on Options payscale I would obviously like the opportunity to come in on a midsize rather than the smaller jet. I have not even sent in a reseme yet, just trying to get a feel for the fractionals first. My current job is decent, good pay, but we do the 7 on 7 on schedule. The fracs have really peaked my intrests lately. So far Options seems to be the optimum choice. I love to get any feedback from you folks...

Options pay

As of feb 1st all the light and mid cabin airplanes will start out at 35000.
go to pilots.flightoptions.com
This is gonna sound dumb, but does anyone have a fax or phone number to send a resume to Options. I went to the pilots.flightoptions.com site but I still need to get my stuff in over there. Thanks in advance.

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