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Nov 27, 2001
I am getting sick and tired of getting stepped on and gigged for money every time I turn around. After being on furlough for a couple of months, I no longer have any money.

Climbto350.com just joined the ilk of AEPS as a pay for service site. How many of you got jobs from Arinc, AEPS or any of the other shysters out there?

All of my jobs in aviation have come networking. That is what this flightinfo.com message board is all about. I think that there needs to be another section added to flightinfo.com where we can post job openings at companies we know about. With 1,000 members covering all aspects of aviation, we should be able to compile a good list of who is hiring.

I would be glad to donate to this cause.

What do you think?
I agree:

The services you mentioned are good for addresses but for gouges etc. this board is the best. I have only landed jobs through networking. I dont know anyone personally who has landed a job through any of those companies. I'm afraid to add up how much I've spent over the years throwing money at these places.

Maybe the Webmaster could solicit companys looking to hire and they could post the openings on this board. Or if someone knows of an opening they could post it here.

My 1 1/2 cents.
amen I thought 350 was free.Now it looks like another scam.I have sent resumes to several places from 350.I dont believe Ive gotten one reply.Networking with your buddies is the only way,but i think it would be great if flight info had a board even if it was just for members to post jobs they heard about.
It is time to outlaw these scams charging money for people to apply for jobs. Application fees are nothing but another act of greed and taking advantage of those looking for work.
I would like to add that my uncle is a corporate headhunter, and he does not charge the potential employee anything for his services. The EMPLOYER pays. That's the way it should be!
Greedy you-know-whats

I too, have had ZERO luck from any job applied for through any (Climbto350) job boards. I refuse to pay another cent. 350 does still offer free jobs but members get them 72 hours first...big deal! 100% of nothing is still nothing. Networking is the only way. Check out www.landings.com and go to database search and look-up old Buds. Good-luck.
BIG thanks

Just wanted to say a big THANKS. Just checked the site and found lots of listings. Hope some of these pan out. Have a good holiday.
checked out

They have taken old job postings from a number of places and tried to copy them.

Falcon Air (supposed ad) had a chief pilot who left them months ago listed,,, same with Arrow Air.

While associated with AEPS companies, the fact is that Air Inc and other reputable companies may or may not be your cup of tea. Great. The fact is that these supposed boards that just post jobs miss the big point. The AEPS, Air Inc, Monster, NationsJobs, Avjob, survive because they work with the companies and their services are designed for the companies. They get it fee to encourage them and to make sure their is nothing to keep them from using a system they wanted. They want to be able to search confidentially and by the categories and times they want.

Like I said before, if you can get a job by networking, great, terrific, has worked for a bunch of people. My opinion, you ought to use every single way you can.
Job Organization Scams

I second Kilomike on both of his posts. These "organizations" are as old as the hills. They're totally bogus.

I was a member of Future Aviation Professionals of America for years. I joined because I thought that its information and gouge would help me as an aspiring career changer. I liked reading its magazine, Career Pilot, but the "gouge" it provided for interviews was outdated and worthless. So were its interview services. Now, I will say that the books FAPA advertised, such as Sweaty Palms and Irv Jasinski's book, Airline Pilot Interviews, were helpful, if not invaluable. In fact, I used Mr. Jasinski to prep me for an interview and I got the job. But FAPA's so-called "information system" and other gold-plated stuff was just so much BS.

By the way, don't forget that it was FAPA which contrived the "pilot shortage" of the late '80s. Its descendants are spreading the same propaganda. Don't believe it. Don't buy their services. This board has authentic, recent information which comes directly from pilots. I'd just say spend your money wisely and support the board.

If you're looking for a job source that provides authentic information, go see Captain Mac at www.fcilax.com. Captain Mac is a real gentleman and won't feed you any BS. Flight Crews International does charge an annual fee, but it is tax deductable and will pay for itself when you get a job.

Just another two cents to add to the other .02s I've contributed.
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