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Flightcom Denali II

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Well-known member
Dec 25, 2004
Does anyone have this headset? I'm looking at getting myself an ANR headset, and like what I've read about this one so far, and the price isn't too bad ($400 and a $50 rebate).

Please post your experiences with the Denali

I have a Denali...the passive one.

It's nice and light. very well built. price was right. I wouldn't get one again...especially not in ANR. It never really fit well enough to produce a good seal around the ears and therefore always let unwanted noise in.

My Lightspeeds, on the other hand, leave nothing to be desired.
Did you have the original version with the (I believe) foam earseals or the new one with the leather covered seals?
I have the original version, but upgraded to the gel earseals...that helped a little, but not a lot.
Well, based on what I've read, I ordered a Graphite Blue ANR. Should come in early this week, and this weekend I'll have a great opportunity to check it out: a 1000 mile-each-way trip. Can't wait!

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