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FLIGHTAWARE screensaver almost live - here it is...

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Marriott Platinum Member
Dec 2, 2003
Just got Hacking Windows XP book for X-mas and came up with this (no life)

It will auto-refresh every 5 minutes and is set for DFW. Go to the "K---" airport identifier in the weblink below and change it to whatever airport you want.

Cut and Paste the below into NOTEPAD, then SAVE AS whatever file title, with an .htm extension.

Then, close all windows, and right click the desktop. Then Properties-->Desktop--->Browse--->(insert this file) and hit OK/APPLY.

code below....I believe it requires a space between lines, so you may need to re-adjust it when you paste it to NOTEPAD. In other words, it should look EXACTLY like the code below.





<body bgcolor="#0066CC">

<p align="center">

<font color="#FFFFFF" size="5" face="Verdana">



<img src="http://map3.flightaware.com/airport_map.rvt?ident=KDFW;key=2bdea312eb6c2429bbd3344c4883b8e944f9e189;height=600;width=1000">



GrnClvrs said:
Cool program, thanks. Any idea why the position function is disabled? I have a 15.4" screen on my laptop and want to stretch it to cover the whole screen.

go to the end of the link, "height" and "width" and carefully readjust the values until you get it how you like it.

you can cut and paste the link itself directly into your browser, with the modified size settings, once you get it how you like it (its hard to get it perfect perfect) then save it into the desktop file

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