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Flight training in Corpus Christie area

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Dec 15, 2001
My wife and Iare possible moving to Corpus Christie so she can finish up her master's degree. We are not tied in on Corpus for any real reason other than we are currently in ND and we're looking for a warmer climate. Also we want to move to an area where I can start instructing and get the total hours built up. Has anyone ever done any flight training in this area. I know there are a few schools, but the information on the web is pretty limited. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I trained down in Corpus Christi to get my civilian ratings after an unfortunate accident in the military that left me unable to complete military flight training.

Anyways, I went to a guy named Ernie Hupperich, who owns Hupperich aviation. He's a little bit old now, and I'm not sure that he even runs a business down there anymore, but while I was there, I finished my ratings and worked for him as a CFI for a few months while I was still stationed there. You might look him up.

Also there was another flightschool on the field there (Corpus Christi Intl airport), but the name escapes me. There was also a couple of corporate outfits and an air ambulance job there as well. Good Luck
If you look in the Corpuscle Christi phone book for flight training there's nothing between "Flea Markets" and "Floats". That should tell you plenty about the area down here. Under Aircraft Schools, there is:

Aviation Academy Portland................643-6550
Aviation Academy Ingleside...............776-3011
Corpus Christi School of Aviation.......289-0857
Glasson Flight Training.......................289-1101
Hupperich Ernest W Aviation..............289-2150
Republic Computer Testing CC...........299-1400
Rockport Aerial Services.....................790-0142

Area Code is 361. Portland and Ingleside are all on the other side of the bay from Corpus, but not that long of a drive across the causeway. Rockport is a little further north along the coast from those two. CCSA is the big school the other poster was talking about, might want to start there. There are also pipeling jobs and tons of cropdusting if you've got the times.
Hey guys thanks for the quick responses. Now the next question. As far as actually instructing goes, I know that I'll probably need a 2nd part-time job to help make ends meet, but do you think there will be enough traffic thru one of the flight schools to make any money? I'm looking to build hours, not to jump into the right seat of a regional, but rather to gain the experience and hopefully lauch off from there. Not really interested in crop dusting as the contact I've had with the guys in ND and MN has shown that these guys are of a different breed and I just don't think I want to do that kind of flying. Not saying no to anything just yet as my exposure is mostly to training so all doors are still open. Just wondering if there are many students at any of these schools. Thanks again for your help

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