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Flight time records from folded airline?

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Herman Bloom

Well-known member
Feb 20, 2003
Hey guys/gals,

Anyone have any idea how I might get my hands on my flight time records from my time at ACA (= Independence = out of business)? I am missing a couple of months and would love to account for that time.


Just trying to fill in the gaps in my logbook to no real purpose (I am no longer flying professionally). I was thinking that maybe ALPA may know the answer to this? Any old ACAers out there know how to get in touch with whatever is left of our reps/etc?

Herman I will PM you what I have. I've got to go dig it out of the mountain of paperwork I have packed in a box somewhere. It is the name and address of a woman in Leesburg who was the point of contact in 2006. Don't know if she is still doing the job but it's worth a shot.
I have found the old DH flight data. Let me know what flights and dates you need, and I'll see what i can do.
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