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Flight Sim 2002..HELP!

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Active member
May 1, 2002
I just bought my nephew for his birthday Microsoft Flight simulator 2002. I know there is a website where you can download different airplanes to the program. I would like to get any information I can if anybody has it. I want to download planes like the 727, Brasilia, King Air, etc... Any info would be really appreciated.
Hey is it for you or your cousin anyway Flightsim.com Simviation.com also you need to download winzip and a program called AIU you can get these off of these site I personally downloaded UNCLE HULAS J41 anyway have fun
To echo the above, try flightsim.com. Also avsim.com is pretty good, they are more of a newspaper for the industry but have a large file library.

Try the Embraer, the American Airlines 727 (its a big download but worth it), and if you feel inclined to shell out a few extra bucks, you GOTTA try 767 Pilot In Command from wilcopub.com. It's by far the most complex, realistic package you can get for a computer-based flight sim. It has everything!

Have fun.
Ya I conveniently left that out... Here are some pictures from wilcopub.com... you can see why this product scares some airline pilots, especially 75/76 drivers...


I have never seen it or used it before. I had my future son in law on the flight deck of the 737-800 a real one N733MA, and he knew everything-all from the flight sim 2000 so it must be good, scary.
I use www.simviation.com for all of my downloads. There are a whole ton of them and they work very well. A note about how to download the files here. When you get it downloaded and have the folder in front of you, it should be zipped. Right click on it and select "extract to <name of file>." Open that folder and keep opening folders until you get to one that has a model, panel, sound, and texture folder in it. Put any file id or anything else that downloaded with it into this folder (along with the aforementioned four folders). Drop this folder straight into the aircraft folder under Flight Sim 2002. Note, if you have guages that download, put the guages folder in the folder that you just dropped in Flight Sim and also COPY the actual guage files (inside the guages folder) and paste into the GUAGES folder in Flight Sim 2002.
Thank you gentlemen, I really appreciate the help, I just have to learn how MFS2002 works. I can't get my nephew off the thing. I still need to figure out how to get an IFR flight plan going and how to get ATC to vector you on to approaches and how to set up the Navaids. Thanks everybody for all the info, I'm amazed at what that program does.

Great Post, very informative being that I'm quite computer Illiterate. Thanks again for all the help.

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