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Flight Schools

can anyone advise me about flight schools

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Jul 16, 2002
hello Eveyone I am 23yrs old I also have a College Degree in Aeronautics. This is my position, MY goal is to become a airline pilot. I have a number or years working for various air Cariers both Regional and Internation, however these were non flying related jobs. I am now in the process of choosing a flight traing institution. I've heard about Comair, ATA, Mesa, Airmen, And other flight training institution can anyone Please advise me what school would be a good choice for me.

Thank very much



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Jan 23, 2002
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hi krs...
Choosing the right flight school is really a personal decision and while it is great to get input from fellow pilots and aviation enthusiasts, you'll have to visit the schools and find the one that feels right for you. Also, consider reputation and quality of training programs, cost, location, opportunities for employment at the school (CFI, etc.). While many schools may also advertise affiliations with various regional airlines, I don't think that it is realistic to expect to get into the regionals with only a few hundred hours at this time. You should probably plan on getting instructor ratings or some other time-building experience.
From personal experience, FlightSafety Academy was a great school. I liked the structured 141 training and high quality of instruction, facilities, aircraft, and maintenance. The only thing I didn't like was the high cost. The program there is definitely not for everyone...i knew plenty of people who didn't like FSI.
There are tons of schools all over the US so just figure out what your needs are...perhaps going to your local FBO is more your style than going to a large flight school. There's lots of stuff to consider and many people will tell you good and bad things about every school you consider, but it will ultimately be up to you to decide what works best for you.

best wishes,


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Jun 13, 2002
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Flight Safety, COMAIR ... avoid Mesa and any other PFT schools!


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Nov 28, 2001
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I think when most people consider flight schools they look for the biggest and most well known.

But small FBOs can do the job just as well as FSI. Just down the road from my house is a small FBO owned by an amazing aviator. This guy has just about every airplane and helicopter rating available and had combat experience in Vietnam in the F-4 I believe. He was sharp as a tack and was only too happy to teach you his tricks that he learned over decades in aviation. Many of his graduates stepped quickly into the right seat of Comair's CRJs and some are flying fighters for the military.

I'm not saying that FSI is not worth it, but don't look over the small things.

If I were you I would get my "basic" certs from a small and cheap FBO and when you are ready to take it to the next level you can pay the money for FSI or the big ones.

Don't forget, even though FSI has a "zero to hero" program, that doesn't mean you can't get the same ratings in the same amount of time at an FBO.


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Nov 26, 2001
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Flight schools

Which button do I click above to vote?

Mesa is not a P-F-T school. I worked there. Research my posts on the subject.

I know of Airmen from my days in Oklahoma City. Airmen is in Norman, Oklahoma, south of OKC. I heard it has a fast and relatively inexpensive CFI program. Oklahoma City is a great training environment. You learn to contend with all kinds of weather and how to make crosswind landings. Plenty of good cross-country opportunites. Plenty of instrument approaches to practice. Fifteen years ago, uncrowded airspace and cooperative ATC. That could have changed. Oklahoma City is host to the Mike Monroney Center, which is the seat of the FAA.

I worked at FSI as well. I agree primarily with Jdog's comments about the place. Everything he said is true, including the price. Good training, great facilities and well-maintained equipment. I'd recommend the place to anyone. But, it may not be for everyone. Best thing is to shop, shop, shop and ask questions. Don't forget to ask if there are employment opportunities at the school instructing after you graduate. Try to find school graduates who've attained the professional goal you want and ask them if the school furthered their aspirations.

Good luck with your choice.
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Nov 25, 2001
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Based on the info you gave, I'd aproach the problem this way:

Since you have contacts at airlines, use them. Talk with HR. Do they hire a significant percentage of pilots who were trained or employed by certain flight schools? Is the chief pilot a grad of that school? If you can visit with those officials, maybe you can ask some of the senior pilots for their input, since they fly with new hires, and have no doubt formed impressions of the various schools "product".

If you want to fly where you have already worked, exploit that contact!