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Flight School Recommendations

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Dec 7, 2001
I have 300 hours and I’ll be getting my Commercial license next month. I am a 30 something career changer and my goal is an airline job. I am looking for a school where I can earn my instructor tickets and then teach until airline hiring resumes – whenever that is. At one extreme is Comair Academy, who is aggressively advertising the “hundreds of pilots they will hire this year”. For a mere $18,000, they will make me an instructor and then pay me $10 an hour. That’s a lot of money for the chance that they will still be hiring in a year-and-half. How many schools are still taking on instructors? Embry Riddle and few other high profile places are still advertising for instructors. I’ll move were ever I need to although I prefer warm climates.

There's Daniel Webster College in New Hampsire, but it takes a while to get into the twins. Sheble's in Laughlin, NV is usually looking for instructors and you'll get the twin time fast. I think doing the instructor ratings at a 'quick course' place is great, but I'd stick with the smaller FBO type schools to work at. I'd look for a FBO school that does 135 charter work. That way you can get in with the 135 pilots and maybe fly some of the empty legs. The school I used to instruct at flew Islanders out to the channel islands here in CA. There's nothing like taking off downhill on a dirt strip with a cliff at the end and your just not going to find any fun stuff like that at Riddle. But, to each their own...

Good luck,

Just check my post under "buying and selling"..."Professional Multi-Engine Training".

CFI schools

I did mine at Airman's in OK... CFI-MEI is about 3 weeks... Cost as I remember was about $5400. They do at times hire those they train, ME at Airman's takes about 6-9 months to get to then it is fast and furious as a MEI.

I do agree with the other though, a lot of Local FBO's can be just as good. Personally, I went to a local FBO and was averaging around 75-80 a month and drawing $15-20 per hour.

Only other note, and this may not apply anymore... I know of several guys who picked locations to instruct that also had check haulers or frieght dogs on the field. Get some CFI time then migrate right into a position. It is just a thought, best of luck to you...
CFI schools

No, don't listen to that Comair malarkey. They're not going to hire "hundreds of pilots" next year. :rolleyes: I doubt that anyone will hire "hundreds of pilots" next year. But, you have the right idea to finish your CFIs and instruct because, eventually, the economy will get better because it always does and hiring will resume.

I've seen ERAU's ads, too, but you have to remember that they were placed before 911, which changed everything.

Oklahoma City is a nice training environment. A chance to learn to land in all sorts of wind. Plenty hot in the summer. I learned to fly and earned all my ratings there. Of course, it is the seat of the FAA. If you go to Airman in Norman and can get work there, depending on their company rules you'll have the chance to fly in safe actual. You can fly to the DFW area, which would give you some good IFR and Class B experience.

I'll second all the above selections and also suggest FlightSafety in Vero. It can create a course for you to finish all your ratings under Part 61. You'll get the same syllabus as the Part 141 students. It'll be pricey, though, but can open doors. I understand from a couple of people that CFI hiring there is slow right now, but if you're around there you might get a chance. FSI isn't a bad place to hang your hat for a while. It has upped its pay for $15/hour and offers good benies, including health and 401-K.
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Stop spamming the board with the same message over and over. This is the 4TH thread with the SAME message word for word.
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Everyone knows where you stand on the issue by now. Please don't cram your idea about how to become an airline pilot down everyone elses throat as the way to go. If it works for you then great. Let us know when you get hired with another 400 hours.

There is more than one way to skin a chicken.

You have been heard.

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