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Your wife's boyfriend
Dec 1, 2001
Anyone have any insight on a Flight Options interview? I have one scheduled at the end of the month, and was wondering if anyone could help me out. I know it's a full day, you do an HR interview, interview with a Captain and take a King Air sim ride. Anyone have anymore details? Thanks in advance for the help...

I would be prepared for your standard interview questions, "Give us an example of you solved a problem with another co-worker"?. Why do you want to work for Flight Options? and there always some techincal questions on the aircraft your flying now or have flown. Can you briefly draw and explain the fuel system on the EMB 135? crap like that. I have known 2 pilots who have been hired on at flight options, and they didn't seem to be put off to terribly by anything at their interview.
Just remember- be your yourself, and you shouldn'y have any problems.

Good Luck,
EJM Captain

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