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Flight Options Suggestions

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Jet Jockey

New member
Nov 26, 2001
Hey Guys,

I need some help. As my alias indicates, Flight Options is the company where I want to work. I have a good friend there that has already walked in my resume.

I have about 2,100TT with 1,100 jet and over two years 135 charter experience. I have been sending resumes in for months to no avail. No call, no letter.

Do any of you have any suggestions on how to stand out from the huge pile?

Call once a month, show your interest. The sweaky wheel gets oiled first. Or if your real brave just show up in person out in Cleveland and drop off an update.
Trust me on this one, you DO NOT want to work at Flight Options. Why would you want to work at a company with an at will policy that have a mass culling of employees just to prove a point. I can go on and on, but here's a couple of examples: maintenance - some of the poorest I have seen, Duty they removed the duty time section from their employee handbook and don't think limitations in their 135 manual count, because they don't . Remeber you flying under part 91. I would like to know how they get around that rule on demo flights ?

If you want to fly for a fractional, forget Flight Options, they are nothing but glitz, glamour and image. Try EJA, they are the first, biggest, best and above they have a union to protect you. I didn't have that OPTION at Flight Options and heither will You.

I'm getting off the D@#n soapbox,

Chances are, OptionsWannabe sees conditions equally sketchy at his 135 outift, so all that wouldn't be very troublesome. If he gets a bigger jet and a bigger paycheck without having to move, dealing with the same old $#it might not be a problem.
I don't know what KiddDynomite's problem is with Flight Options. I do know that they have let people go for being a jerk or just being stupid.

I have been there for 2 years now, and love it! It is a great place to work. Hell there even giving the light jet guys a pay raise.
My Problem!

Well Joe Jet Pilot,
I'll give you a little background about my problem with Flight Options. As a former OPT Captain, I can tell you from experience that they are not the place to be. I am glad you LOVE your job, but how much of a company guy are you. Remember their policy of employ at will, they use it against good people all of the time. I want you to disagree with Timmy or Joey about flying unsafe scows or working eighteen hours three days in a row. Talk to everyone after that. See you in the unemployment line. How about the mass cullings of employees. The people in dispatch, the six pilots let go last January for no reason. All but one of them there from the start. So that's how you treat the people that built your company - fire them with no cause. Oh, I forget, fire them for having an opinion. Get unionized so Uncle Kenny doesn't wield his Machiavellian Sword over your heads anymore!

Want more send me private post, if your smart - fill out your union response card!



Not trying to start something here, but if you are soured on Flight Options as a former pilot there, seeing by your profile that you flew DA50's, were you part of the DA50 crew that allegedly was fired last summer?



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