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Flight Options minimums

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Active member
Nov 28, 2001
Anyone know the minimums for Flight Options, as well any other info such as doms/gateways, benefits, et cetra.?
Thanks to all for the assist.
Talked to a DA50 f/o today and he said that 2500 was a good number, but he'd heard of guys with 1500tt and alot of multi all the way to a CFI with 3000tt with 70multi in nothing larger than a Seneca.
I heard from a friend who is a capt there that thier mins. are ATP mins, written, and now 500 multi. I don't know the truth, That's just I was told
The official mins are still only ATP minimums. The guys and gals being hired have had no less then 2500 TT. Very few people have been hired at Options without turbine time.

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