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Flight Options Interview

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Well-known member
Nov 28, 2001
I have an interview at Flight Options coming up in a few weeks. Looking for gouge and info from anyone who has interviewed lately. Also looking for feedback on initial a/c assignment. I was told SIC King Air with some going SIC BeechJet. Thanks in advance.


I thought you where all ready at FO? Anyways, you can go to www.aptap.org and go to the message board. From thier go to the general discussion board and then do a search for Flight Options. You will find lots from me and others on exactly what to expect at the FO interview. Let me know if that works for you and if it doesn't I will get the info for you.

I don't know who you work for now but you will love working for Flight Options. We have a great company and the flying is top notch. About the only bad thing at FO is the slow upgrade but if yo plan on staying a while it should not matter all that much. It looks like sales have been good in bigger stuff so maybe we all will start to move a little faster. Anyways, try the aptap site and see if it works for you.

Good luck,

and remember it is all about CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Cut and Paste for APTAP.org


It is very straight forward. Half a day of Eric G. convincing you that FO is great and then a quick sim ride in a king air sim (no motion) with a departure, arrival, hold, ILS, missed approach, and another ILS. No emergencies or anything and you fly it like a jet. USE YOUR COPILOT TO HELP YOU OUT!

Then on to a technical interview with a program manager, with basic jepps questions and simple FAR questions (maybe). After that you are given a pep talk and are told to expect a call in 10 days or so. Then 3 months later they finally call and hire you.

If you where selected for the interview you are 80% hired all ready. Just don't give them a reason not to hire you and you will be fine. Make a "profile book" of all of your stuff like flight logs, schooling etc. you know the drill. It will make you look great!

Consider yourself lucky to get called, Eric G. has about 5000 resumes and his hiring practice make no ryme or reason.

You will like FO, the Fractional industry is booming and the flying is very challenging and fun. Days are long but the time off is great.


Hope this helps...
Eric told me 12-18 months on the upgrade. King Air SIC initially with a possibility of BeechJet SIC. Said the March class is starting to move into light jets from the King Air now.

Most people I have talked to say 1-2 weeks so I was surprised to hear about the 3 month call back but maybe things have changed

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