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Flight Options/Flexjet/Citation Shares

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Moo, Moo
Dec 6, 2001
Anyone hear about a rumor going around about Flexjet and Citation Shares merging with Flight Options? I had a friend call me from FLex today who told me this one.
anyone? Bueller? anyone?
Don't buy it. I think the rumor mill is grabbing at anything. The big rumor around Flex was that Avalor was going to buy us, well that ain't going to happen. I think Options will have enough on their plate with the TA merger for awhile. Nope this one is pretty far fetched.
I heard about this as well. People in the office at FLt Opt's are talking just as they were before the Travel Air announcement.

Kenn Ricci told an indoc group from Travel Air that he was in contact with Flex a year ago wanting to talk about a merger but they didn't want to talk.So Kenn went to Travel Air. Then Flex called back wanting to talk a week before the Travel Air merger was announced and Kenn tolds them that things will have to wait for now.

I see it happening in a few years.

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