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flight jackets

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Dec 16, 2001
Anyone know where I can get a flight jacket like Southwest has, or coex? The ones where the flap on the shoulders snap off to put the bars up there? thanks
At Comair, we just got new leather jackets. Actually, management made it optional, so they didn't have to buy them for us....

The company's website is www.flightsuits.com

The epalets that come with it are halfed and wrap around the leather strap and use velcro so we can take them off.
San Diego Leather Company makes the Alaska leather jacket.
Deer hide... soft as a french maid's... feather duster.
No snaps on the shoulders though, real pilots don't need to show their stripes on the outside of the leather - that's what the scrambled egg is on the hat for. :)
I've noticed a lot of captains are making fun of FO's who chose to purchase the leather jackets. Perhaps they are jealous because their wives won't let them get one. I'm from a warm place, and anything that keeps me warm is worth the money. I had one captain that wouldn't shut up about it. Anybody else notice this?

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