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Flight from PHX to PBI

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Nov 26, 2001
I plan to take a Piper Archer from Phoenix to West Palm Beach Florida for a friend and have never made this trip before. Can anyone advise me of any known hazards etc... that I might encounter. Is that route over the rockies and do you now of a prefered route in a single engine airplane. And if possible do you know how many miles it is. Thanks for any info.
Out of phoenix, you will have some pretty severe clear weather to contend with. You may also face the distraction of some of the beautiful canyon and mountain scenery east of the valley. Then you will have to brave the boredom of the miles and miles of desert that you will have to fly across until you get past Texas. That's as far as I can help you I'm afraid... Can I come?
I apologize in advance, Mark. It sounds as though you are going as the pilot and you are asking a website board if this route crosses the Rockies and how far it is. Have you looked at the sectionals? What have you discovered there? Are you aware of your repsonsiblities as a pilot in pre-flight planning?

Avoid over the Gulf flight.
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florida fun

You'll most likely cross a front on your way across the country, one of those weird "weather" things. :)
As you get into FL, take the route from Seminole, to GNV (which is still out of service I think) then down south toward PBI.

Andy is right, avoid flying over the Gulf.

Also be watchful of the weather, Thunderstorms pop up in FL on a moments notice and with out warning (unless you know FL weather).

Try to stay awake :D

In a single engine aircraft, out of Phoenix, I would recommend a south/southeasterly route. Take off out of Phoenix, then head towards Tucson, then after Tucson head southeast, basically following I-10 all the way to El Paso. This route is far less mountainous compared to taking off out of PHX and heading east toward Albuquerque. That route has mountain peaks in excess of 8 to 9,000ft MSL.

The other posts are correct in avoiding flying over the Gulf. I flew a Seminole IFR from PHX to Jacksonville, FL which part of my routing included flying over part of the Gulf which was nice, however I don't think I'd ever do it in a single engine aircraft.

If you do decide to go the El Paso route, as FlyinBrian said, expect hundreds and hundreds of miles of boredom after El Paso until, uh, well, I actually forgot when the hundreds of miles of nothing ended!

Anyways, hope this helps. Which airport are you flying into at West Palm Beach? PBI or Lantana? I've been to both quite a few times.

Good luck!
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I've actually flown that route to florida from california in a single engine cessna. El paso is the safest route to follow and then on its pretty simple. I think it will be a nice flight just plan ahead with fuel stops and watch out for weather around texas and northern florida. If you file instrument flight plan then its really easy.
Have a safe trip....
Yeah, the Rockies extend into nothern NM, but if go south the Tuscon, then go via Demming to El Paso you won't see any mountians. Actually, you might even be able to cut the corner at TUS and head directly out to Demming, then El Paso.

Bring coffee and try to stay awake. East Texas and NM are very, very, very boring.

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