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Flight Express

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Well-known member
Mar 3, 2002
Can anyone give me information about this 135 outfit. I want to know how it is considering paycheck, training,Airplanes and contract for six months.Thanks in advance.

i have been with the company since 6/01, and fly a baron out of cincinnati. think up some specific questions and i'll do my best to answer.
I've got a few.

1) I was wondering how long you had to fly the C210 before getting the twin.
2) How's the equipment and maintenance?
3) What are most of the schedules like?
4) Is Flight Express being bombarded with resume's from well-qualified pilots like everyone else is?
5) If you had to do it over, would you go there today knowing what you know about them?
6) How's the safety record?
7) How's management?

Hope that's not too much. Thanks!

I just sent a private message, but for the group, I was wondering if you had some answers to airline mission's questions? There are a few of us who are curious. Thanks!!


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