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Flight Express & Ram Air

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I was talking to a guy that flies through here (PFN) in the 210 - he tells me it's about 6 - 8 months before you will be high enough on the seniority list.

you also might want to check out the other thread they have - "Hiring Times at Flight Exp"

Multi time

For Flight Express, it really depends on what your willing to do. We have some really low paying runs that get passed up sometimes because people can't afford them or don't want to move. All the high paying runs, around 30k or so are going a lot higher like maybe 10 months to a year. If you can afford to move all around the US on 1500 a month then you might get the Baron in 6-8 months. All this is very dependant on Regionals since thats where most of us are headed. When they pick up, so do we. Good luck, Jeff
(Flight Express)
So once you get a run...is it yours until you don't want it anymore?
Or can some one bid it away from you?
FE runs

The run is yours to keep. The only time a run comes open is when someone quits or moves up to a Baron.
Ram Air is a variable. From the guys that I talk to that work over there, it sounds like no less than 6 months for twin time.
At Ram Air it depends on your willingness to have a base other than RDU. In the last 6 months RAF pilots have gotten outbased multi runs in as little as a month. If you wanted to stay in Raleigh you may have to wait 6 months to be able to hold a multi-run.
Does Ram Air have any jumpseat priviliges on other airlines? I know that pre-9/11, they could jumpseat on Midway and UPS. Do those agreements still exist?
The main other ram air base is out of hanover county airport in Richmond. The others include Wilmington, New Bern, Concord NC, louisville KY, Rock Hill SC, and hopefully Atlanta soon...

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