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Flight case question

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Jun 20, 2004

Anyone flying the CRJ has a Scott flight case.
I d like to get the jumbo flight case from Scott it is 18x8x13 and want to make sure it will fit in the CRJ.

I had the Scott Jumbo flight kit for almost 3 years. It sits in my closet now. I would recommend against the Scott case. Those pesky side flaps are a huge pain in the butt. They are made out of very thick leather and they never soften because they don't really move. They are a pain in the butt on the CRJ especially because your flight kit sits behind you and you have to use 2 hands to pull or replace anything binder in your bag. One hand to move the thick flap out of the way and the other to squeeze it in. All while your back is twisted 60 degrees.

Anyways I had to get rid of it because it was getting corner holes from me not being too careful with it when lugging it around and stuff began falling out. Also worth mentioning that on the snaps on the saddle strap were never lined up properly so it used to take forever to snap the saddle strap unit shut. That's just a basic quality control problem that shouldn't exist on a $350.00 bag.

I got a Korchmar bag, a little bit cheaper but not by much. It's a little more compact, holds everything I need, and I can use one hand for everything. Very happy with it.
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I appreciate the review, my second choice is the korchmar bag, but i see that it has a side pocket also, does it fit easily in the CRJ?
Last poster was correct about the side flaps. The side flaps do protect against loooosers that steal from kit bags in the crew room. My Scott is pretty beat up after only a little over 3 years. I'd go with coyote with the skid plates if they still make them.
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I appreciate the review, my second choice is the korchmar bag, but i see that it has a side pocket also, does it fit easily in the CRJ?

Well neither my korchmar nor my scott had side pockets but I see captains who have bags with side pockets all the time.

However some of our "widebody" Captains look like they store their extra Jepp binders in their a**.
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From 1999 to 2009 (2009 we went to cockpit flight kits) I've had 3 bags.

#1. office max or staples canvis bag I got used in aug99. I had it until Feb(ish) 2002. It worked fine until the bottom corners started to rip. still have it, stores my old GA/T-34/navajo manuals and flight school books.

#2 Scott leather (one with the straps and flat top/lid, square) had it from feb2002 until feb2008. nice thick leather but the same problem with the bottom corners wearing and holes forming in the bottom due to occasional contact with the ground while attached to the roller bag. Again I still have it and it stores my old Dash books.

#3 Coyote with the skid plates. Best of the 3. Had it from feb2008 until we went with the cockpit flight kits so I only used it for one year but the skid plate put it ahead of the scott. It stores my 190 book in a closet next too the others now.

I did do a home reinforcement of the handle before I put the bag to use. I bought 2 stainless steel hose clamps. i cut the screw fastener part of the clamp off so i was left with a 3 inch band of stainless steel. i took the band and wrapped it under the handle where it attaches to the bag then drilled a hole through the 2 band sided and handle and fastened it with a screw. Worked great no handle wear where the leather handles usually bust. If we could post pics i'd take one and post it. This wasn't my idea, i got it from an old Allegheny ABE capt (the missing link) who modded his scott bag that way.
I have the Scott Roll Top and it works well. Bought it in 2000.
I have the Scott Bag and I am very happy with it. I did have Huntington works put the skid plates on it so the bottom edges don't get damaged anymore. In the process of installing the skid plates they also replaced the bottom floor of the bag.

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