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flight bags

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Jan 28, 2002
Hey yall,
I am a student pilot, and I just bought a David Clark H10-13X (I purchased the 13.4 and they gave me the 13x on accident, so I worked out a deal to get the 13x cheap:D ). Anyway, I read some posts about how you don't need the best flight bag, but I was wondering what kind yall would reccommend for a nicer headset such as a 13x. I'm willing to put up a little more money if it means the safety of the headset. Do you reccommend just a headset bag or a full gear bag? Also, I read in the headset user's guide that I shouldn't put ear covers on the anr headsets. Is this just because it doesn't seal as well, or will it hurt anything? Any advice for the upkeep of this headset?

When buying your headset case decide whether you are "rough" on your things or whether you baby them. Personally, I baby them so a very well padded case was not necessary to cushion it from being thrown around my room...the back of the car...etc. I just use the headset pocket of my flight bag.

Buying a flight bag can be difficult, but you would actually be the best to decide what you need. There are a few things you should consider. What type of training materials will you need on every training flight. Most important, ask yourself if you are a packrat. I have friends who pack everything they need in their headset case. I personally carry a bag. It happens to be a very huge bag because I am a very big packrat. But dont let it ever be said that I will ever be stranded without something I need. (I carry everything in that bag except last weeks laundry, :eek:


Get something which will fit your needs, rather than something you think will make you look like a pilot. Utility over image. I'd get a badded headset case to protectyour headset. You can get one from sportys for 12 bucks. Then use a bag that will hold that and the rest of your junk. As a student pilot, what are you going to carry? A couple of charts, an E6B, a calculator, some pencils, a notebook, an airport facility book, a flashlight, your logbook, and that's about it. All that will fit pretty handily in an inexpensive backpack style bookbag, with room for more.
Anything that says flying or flight is several times more expensive than something similar. As you progress through ratings, the type of junk you haul around will change, and the amount will increase. After you've been flying a while, you'll have a better idea of what you carry with you, and might consider getting a flight bag that will fit the bill. Avoid being one of those pre-solo students who shows up with the fanciest deluxe flight bag, and has it stuffed full of all kinds of silly things, because otherwise the bag would be empty. These guys are the inspiration for a lot of rolled eyes.

Putting different ear seals on the headset can decrease the effectiveness at blocking sound, and on an ANR headset it can cause the ANR system to lose effectiveness. In some cases, a poor seal will result in the ANR creating an annoying noise.
Use the headset for a while and see if you have real comfort issues before getting aftermarked ear seals.

BTW you can go back and edit your posts if you discover a typo or misspelling. click on the edit icon in the lower right corner of each post.

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When I was a student pilot, I just used a backpack. When I was a flight instructor, I had a student who had a flight case like the airline pilots need to have. He looked absoultely ridiculous with it. If your only a student, just use use something simple. You will wish you could carry a backpack later when you have to carry around that heavy flight case with company manuels and jepp binders.
Korean special!

Check out http://www.royal-bag.com They are a store in Osan, Korea. Their bags are *cheap* and hig quality. You can get anything you want embroidered on them for free or d@mn near free. I have their flight case and headset case.

Don't believe me...go into the military section and ask any flyer stationed out here....everybody goes there.

Chunk<---Okinawa, Japan based aircrewman for 16 more days!
Flt. bag 4 u

for a flight bag as a student pilot and cfi just use the standard ll bean or jannd backpack. You don't need to bring anymore to the plane with you.

for charts on a a x-country just use a standard 8X11 brown clipboard you can get at staples/officemax for 5 bucks. you can clip all charts and flight plans too it and also write down info and stick it to the back for less than sporty's who will charge you 30 bucks for the same thing. I still have my $3 clipboard I bought when I was 15 and have used it to cfi,charter, mil and airline flying. Always write cheat sheet notes on the back it works well.

Try a tupperware container to protect your headset. I put my telex headset I use for airline flying in a plastic sandwich container it's about the size of a jepps approach plate book and it fits well in an airline leather/cloth flight bag.

When I go to fly my own airplane I still use the same grey LLBean backpack I used thru highschool, college, and cfiing.

ending note: When I got my first flying job my girlfriend bought me one of thoes sporty's $100 super bags. It never worked good as a flt. bag and is now my gym bag. Don't waste your money. When you get hired by an airline by a black nylon/canvis flt. bag from staples ($40) and when you upgrade get the scottleather flt bag that will last forever using you alpa or airline discount.

hope it helps
happy flying
ll bean rules

I used to be one of the packrat pilot types. I gave that up for the simpler things. I bought a slim notebook kind of bag at L.L. Bean a few years ago and it fits everything I carry with me. Plus LL Bean has a lifetime warranty.
I had David Clarks, years ago, and I actually liked the ear covers. When it was hot and humid, they would absorb the sweat. Also, I had a headpiece, similar to a piece of carpet, that the rubber headbumper rested on, atop my head. This prevented a hot spot from developing after hours of wear. I imagine by now that David Clarks have been corrected for this problem. Man, I remember how, after a long day of flying, the top of my head used to burn! Lol! I wish I had the money back then for these new ANR headsets. I would probably be able to hear my fingers typing on the keyboard, right now. What's that? What ya say?
Just get a back pack. $12.99 @ Target. You don't need a separate bag for the headsets.

I went out and bought crap I thought I needed when I was a student. Have two padded flight bags and two headset bags that have almost never been used. Still using the back pack.

I also used to carry every book that I studied with me on my flights when training. Why? I have no idea, other than I thought I should. That's why I bought these flight bags that I have used to pack for vacations rather than flying....

My DC's have been tossed, banged, flopped, twisted, sat on, drooled on and still work like new.

Keep it Simple!!

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