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mooney flier

Well-known member
Dec 16, 2001
A few questions about FlexJet:

a. Are they still hiring?
b. What is the starting pay?
c. What kind of schedules do they fly?
d. Last summer, they were offering to hire as a
Challenger F/O. If (a.) is Yes, then is this still the

The rumor is that Flexjet is starting to hire again, but we haven't seen it on paper yet. They furlough/fired - whatever you want to call it - some pilots after 9/11 per Bombardier requirements company wide including Flexjet and we don't know if some or all will be "invited" back. I don't remember the exact pay for FO's but I think it is based in the $33,000 range without overtime, which will obviously bring it up. They don't have a base pay system, you are paid according to days worked with the estimates being a 17 days worked month. Flexjet's claim is they offer the best overall benefits package of all the fractionals. The actual truth to this claim is very debatable. I don't know if they are going to hire FO's directly into the challenger fleet - if they are hiring at all. It seems their 45 fleet is the fastest growing one now, so they may be focusing on them. Flexjet is switching over to a PBS bid system. They were doing mostly 6/4, some 7/3 and sometimes 8/3. But now they are activating the PBS, which in theory, means you can bid whatever you want. However, it is very seniority based and you, as a potential low seniority FO, may bid for 15 days you could get stuck with 18 just as easily and not with the days you wanted off. Also they are cycling the bidding at only 21 days right now, so you don't have hardly any lead time for personal scheduling with family etc.

Flexjet isn't hiring but will probably start in a few months as they continue to loose pilots to other fractionals, Southwest and AirTran. Here is a web-site for a Flexjet message board that will give you some insight to the atmosphere there.


Not saying it’s a bad place but very difficult place to work right now with low moral, etc....etc.... Also, the upgrade is now over 3 years and will probably continue to climb as Flexjet simply isn't growing and will just hire to cover attrition.

The benefits are pretty good but comparable to everyone else. They do have a tuition reimbursement program and a Baley’s Fitness deal but other than that – nothing special. The pay is a little better but long-term EJA and FO are better.

Best of luck in you endeavors