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flexjet training

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Feb 20, 2002
I have a class date with flexjet. what is the training like. is it really 1 month with no breaks. how much is the training contract for the lear60,31 and 45. Is it a good place to work ?

Training is very simple, escpecially if you come from a 121 environment. No set flows, callouts, and sops. However some may argue. THat is the way it was when I went to training. And kind of remains the same on line. Some guy run the operation like single man show. Yet some know what true crm means. Im not bashing, just stating my experiences.
Training bond ; if you leave your obligated to pay like 15-20 grand. And for the CL might be a little more. This is never held up in a court of law: lawyers perspective.
Before you commit, like other would suggest; think your decision over wisely. This decision is going to effect your family, career, and more importantly the quality of life your striving to attend. Changing jobs is a big decision. THink it over. Why go to co. that might not be in business in the next couple of years. BA can pull the plug at will. The way flex make money that seems more of a possibility. EJA has been in the business for years, orders speak for themselves. What is the growth at fj? Why upgrade takes at least 4 years ( plus, yes I said 4 at minimum unless the economy and flew pull off a miracle)? Do you really want management representing your best interest or a union? They will fire you at will reguardless of your track record. Why is there such a high turn over rate among CA? Since upgrade is so long. why not adjust the pay rates? Pay scale is intended to upgrade within 6 mo. Most of my friends are CA at fj, and are looking to go eja. READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL.
Im not intending to bash fj. Im merely stating the facts and my personal opinion.

thanks for the info.

It sounds like the training is pretty long. 1 month@10 hrs a day i swhat I am told. Doesn't sound right. what can they possibly cover? Hmmmm

After I went through training at fj, I had over a month and a half off. Since the plane was new to the fleet. So hopefully you might have some luck.

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