Flexjet 2

Semore Butts

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Feb 15, 2002
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Just thought the post was to long, so I decided to do another one.

357 and UKcats, you sound like a couple whores arguing on a street corner. Great! It's good to see you using you ability to speak freely.
357, Hang in there dude, I'm sorry to say that plainly everything you say you consider to be fact, while everything anyone else says is crap! Thats great! You will be fine at Flex.

UK CAts, This is great! Because I went to EJ I now have 5 "cocks"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 Low pressure, and 2 High pressure, and the other one we won't discuss!

I got hired in the Hawker as well! Half the time I'm going "what the heck are they talking about???"

I have been talking to all my "exflex" friends at EJ. They all seem to be happy, the usual compliants.

Funny though, I don't seem to know anybody that is ex-EJ that are at Flex............Uhmmm, wonder why that is? Oh well, just wanted to say hello, you guys play nice now!


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Nov 26, 2001
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Dear Semore, glad my ramblings entertain. Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy the extra appendages. The Hawker is a gentleman's airplane, jack of all trades, master of none. Cool thing is, you'll be a captain, almost as soon as you want, and have the flexability to switch aircraft if you want.

Remember, you have 5 "cocks", (along with TKS) because the queen wanted it that way.