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FInancial Planning for an airline career

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Well-known member
Jan 30, 2002
I am one of those types who likes to plan things out. Financially I am facing difficulties with my flying ratings because so it is taking longer to get these. I have asked people for advice and what they did and have got 2 responses:

1. Just fly at every chance you get and take out loans if you have to - get your CFI and then live Paycheck to paycheck till you get with a regional and move up

2. Plan out and save for the lean years in your career, save enough money so that you can go and get all your ratings at once and start instructing. Don't take out exorbitant loans because the creditors haunt you later and its just added aggravation.

I think no2. seems like a better option to me. Any advice how to go about planning and saving? What are some good minimums in terms of savings assuming I will be starting from scratch. How did you guys do it?
So let me get this straight...

You are asking pilots for financial advice? That's like asking an airline pilot for marital advice...

its one of those things you don't do.:)

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