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FINALLY, invited for an interview

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Dec 31, 2004
ASA has invited me for an interview in a couple of weeks, I've been reading interviews.com like a madman for the past few days. From those who've been through it, what's the most painless way to prep for the interview? What a/c are they hiring into now? How long is reserve? And is it a pretty good place to work? I've been wanting to fly for ASA since I started flying back in '98 and I really hope I land the job. thanks for the feedback or just PM me.
That's about the best prep I think. A couple older posts there had a ton of questions, of which you'll get a varying amount. My interview went pretty well, but was a lot shorter than a friend's (different interviewer).

The sim... other than paying for an hour there, just follow what you read and what they tell you. Biggest advice I can give is, don't give up - if you're off, keep putting it behind you and try to learn from your mistakes (yea, hard to do in 40 minutes, but if they see improvement in that time...!)
Use aviationinterviews.comas a guide to prepfor the interview, not as the only source, that's why it's called a gouge.
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se1776 said:
Get your spaghetti and ketchup ready you will be eat eating that for the first year on $19,000

Yeah, i'm already reading up on ways to stop tapeworms.
not to be an a$$ or anything, and i have always wondered about this, why some people call it gAuge, isnt it really gOuge? do people just spell it wrong or am I off the wall?

im really bored

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